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Thank you for joining Divine Republic. :)

Our rules are simple,

Have Fun!

Be Respectful and Courteous to others , we are here to enjoy the game and help each other .

Keep your conversations clean in guild chat . If you are being lewd or disrespectful you will have only One warning.
Be respectful in Region chat , remember that you are representing Divine Republic .

Use Discord often it is a tool for communication and is a great way to get to know everyone!

Discord is used in EVERY AVATAR / DISTORTION / OPERATION ! If you are not in Discord for these runs YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. Communication is KEY to getting them done.
Use common sense.
If you have any issues please bring it to a commanders attention so that we may best help you out.

Qos D What? We had rules?
Matrim Scott Just re-iterating for the sake of redundancy. Just making sure people know this. But DISCORD is REQUIRED if you want inv...

Hello all, As many of you may have noticed, that the Phytonides are going to arrive coming Monday August 29, 2016. This is the first chance for some to get their first Avatar Book and are at Rank 15 in Research Lab at that time to obtain it. OR it may be needed for their Second Avatar Book. There is a sign-up for all those that need it here on the forums. So please sign-up. http://www.divinerepublic.com/forums/m/37859547/viewthread/28266214-phytonide-avatar-book-signup/page/1   TY.

Matrim Scott.

Don't forget Mechs arrive this coming Monday 8/22. This is the first chance for those that do not have there Mech Book and are Rank 15 in Research Lab to obtain it....There is a sign-up for all those that need it here on the forums, so please sign-up

The time frame I'm shooting for is next Wedensday (08/17/16,) at 4pm Pst.  I might also try to start runs as soon as tomorrow.  Most planning will be done in discord, so don't be shy!

Qos D Yea....Work gets me home late myself.. I hear ya.
Matrim Scott @Caddis -- Thats fine if you can't talk Caddis. Just being there and able to listen is good enough. If you do need ...
Subvet I'd like to join, but I rarely get home from work before 6 pst. Also, I absolutely cannot talk on discord. When I g...