Divine Republic |Site Info

Thank you for joining Divine Republic. :)

Our rules are simple,

Have Fun!

Be Respectful and Courteous to others , we are here to enjoy the game and help each other .

Keep your conversations clean in guild chat . If you are being lewd or disrespectful you will have only One warning.
Be respectful in Region chat , remember that you are representing Divine Republic .

Use Discord often it is a tool for communication and is a great way to get to know everyone!

Discord is used in EVERY AVATAR / DISTORTION / OPERATION ! If you are not in Discord for these runs YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. Communication is KEY to getting them done.
Use common sense.
If you have any issues please bring it to a commanders attention so that we may best help you out.

Qos D What? We had rules?
Matrim Scott a Just re-iterating for the sake of redundancy. Just making sure people know this. But DISCORD is REQUIRED if you want inv...

I would like to run the whole list of 5th generation, progression based runs (kls,fd,OIA,Ta, and hopefully OM 5th gen and possibly lorro as well.)  It will be a grab bag day to fill in the gaps in gear that some members maybe need or need upgrades in.  We will vote the maps and do them.  I am running my adepts for a full 24 hours as its between 20%-10% the adepts drop ratio is roughly 5x more than it is from 21%-100%, and i advise all to do the same so we have enough gods to cover the runs needed.  I will start gathering people around 5pm PST and 8 EST.  Please let myself or any other commander know if you are interested.


Matrim Scott a Im in. Im sure Qos will too. Just cant speak for him.
Luna Phoenix a you know ill be there !

Hello everyone. It is that time again for our Monthly Town Hall Meeting. We will be having this on Wednesday 9pm ET 10/29/16. This has been changed so that we can get as much people to attend. Pls come join us in Discord at that time to voice your concerns and suggestions. TY. Also this is done, so that we can get a feel on the new Ascension Update and its affects. So please share your concerns and ideas with us.

NOTE: This will be done in Discord. No mic needed. can type there as there is a chat section in there too if you haven't tried it out yet. Check for the invite link in game if you need it. Thankscool

Matrim Scott a Take note that the meeting was pushed to Saturday 10/29 now and not on the Wednesday 10/26. This was to allow people who...